Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Our goal is to protect your assets, completely and sustainably, while taking current circumstances into consideration. By choosing the right type of company, we support you in the planning and administration of your assets. This can also include extensive planning of inheritance and succession. An individual and optimised structure within the favourable framework of Liechtenstein (Swiss Franc as a strong currency, political and legal stability), provides the ideal protection for your assets and sustainability for the next generation (Asset Protection).


Supporting Private Structures

In choosing the appropriate company structure, we support you in the acquisition and administration of your private assets or a part thereof. By incorporating assets such as property, vehicles, ships or works of art into company structures, it creates a cost and tax efficient administration of your private estate. At the same time, private asset structures offer you a high degree of privacy, asset protection and flexibility in estate planning.


Supporting Your Individual Needs

We are determined to expedite the fulfilment of your personal needs in respect of asset planning and structuring, relocation of residence, acquisition of property and philanthropy.